Do you want to buy a quality projector? The problem a lot of people experience is related to their budget. You may want a great projector, but you also cannot afford to pay a thousand dollars for one. We can understand this feeling. You want something good, but you do not want to blow all your savings on a projector either. And that is why a guide about where to find the best projector under 200 dollar is going to help you immensely. What we are going to do is tell you about what you need in a projector that is in such a price range.

What you want to do is make sure that you are analyzing the throw range of your projector. This is vital, because you are going to be using the projector and throwing it onto a wall or screen from a certain distance. You have to know whether your projector can make a big enough screen from that distance. And you will ideally want that screen size without doing any zooming. So make sure you find a site where you can see these throw figures, and you will know whether a projector can be useful for you.

where to find the best projector under 200 dollar

For instance, a projector may be showing you that it can give you a 50 inch screen at the distance you will be placing it at. Now that is not bad – but a 50 inch screen is a bit small for a projector. You will ideally want a projector that can give you a 60 to 70 inch screen from the distance that you will be using it at. This will ensure that you are getting a proper projector experience, even from one that is $200. That is why such figures matter so much.

Another aspect you will need to check out is how long the bulbs will last. This is vital. The last thing you want is a $200 projector where you are spending $50 on the bulbs every two weeks. Not only do you need to read the reviews, but look at the manufacturer’s guidelines about the batteries. If you are buying a quality projector, it will say how many hours the batteries will last in different settings. Assess the hours you are given by the number of hours a day you will use your projector. Now you will know how long the bulbs will last you before they need replacing.

The final factor that you are going to want to consider is how your projector looks when you are viewing it with some sunlight or artificial light. If you are in a position where you can black out your room each time you are using this projector, you may not care so much. But most people will know that sometimes you cannot stop light getting into the room. Try watching some videos where people use the projector in a semi-lit room. This will give you a sense for the type of performance you will get in those conditions.

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