Few people can deny the appeal of rock hard abs and would love to rock them underneath their muscle shirt. Sadly, many feel that attaining these abs is far too challenging for them ever to accomplish. The truth is, anyone with the desire and motivation to attain rock hard abs can do so. It takes a good workout plan like the one found at , your commitment, and a good diet. Some people eve hire personal trainers to help them accomplish their goals. This might be something that you wish to do as well. Whether you opt to hire a personal trainer, what is important that you do is exercise regularly and eat healthy. Here, we’ll focus on eating healthy and provide insight into some of the best foods that you can consume when it is rock hard abs that you want.


Eggs provide an amazing amount of protein, and they also balance the amino acids in the body. When you eat eggs for breakfast, you are less likely to feel hungry during the day. When you aren’t hungry, you aren’t eating, thus losing weight and feeling great is so much easier.


Fiber and protein are the two main ingredients inside of this nut, but Vitamin E and magnesium as well. If the nutrients inside almonds aren’t enough to convince you to include them on the menu, perhaps the fact that they help regulate blood sugar will. When you have stable blood-sugar levels, it prevents cravings that lead to overeating.


Studies conclude that women who eat three pears or apples per day for a period of three months lost more weight than women who did not, yet had a similar diet. There’s 5 grams of fiber in an apple, and since it consists of almost all water, you feel fuller after eating an apple.


Soybeans contain protein, fiber, and a number of antioxidants. They’re great tasting and versatile and can be used in a variety of foods that you have on the menu.

Leafy Greens

Whether you prefer turnip greens, mixed greens, spinach, or another leafy green, adding them to your diet is important. Greens are delicious and can complement most any main entree that you prepare for dinner.  There are carotenoids inside greens, which can prevent cancer. Greens are low in calories, a great source of calcium, and provide an abundance of energy to fuel your workouts.


When yogurt is consumed on a regular basis, it may shrink the waistline. This is according to the International Journal of Obesity and a recent study. It is the probiotic bacteria inside yogurt that work to maintain a healthy digestive system, reducing bloating, constipation, etc.

These are a handful of the foods that should be on the menu if you want to get those rock hard abs that you see in the magazines. Whether a man or a woman, you can achieve great results and get the abs that you awn with the right workout and right foods on the menu.

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